The key points for bike maintenance

One of the things that never consider doing when maintaining their bike is maintenance. Bicycle riders do not realise that keeping your bike well maintained will actual serve a couple of purposes.
The first purpose of maintenance is that it may actually increase the performance of your bike. The improvement may be minimal however every bit helps when you are trying to get that little bit extra improvement in your performance.
The second purpose is to maintain the longevity of your bike. Ensuring you maintain your bike means that you will be saving long term.

The first step in bike maintenance is to clean your bike. When riding your bike along the roads, you will pick up a lot of dirt and grime that will get caught up in all parts of your bike. This can cause long term damage. A key area to focus is the drive train as this gathers a lot of dirt and junk and therefore needs to be kept clean.

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Online shopping has it’s problems

Online shopping is growing more and more and one of the biggest growth areas is online fashion shopping. There are many advantages to shopping online which is why it is growing so rapidly.

One reason is the convenience of it. Shopping online allows you to shop online whenever you want as online stores never usually close. This allows you to shop at your own convenience and allows to shop without the pressure of someone looking over your shoulder.

Online shopping also is usually cheaper than buying from a store. Online stores usually don’t have the same overheads as a bricks and mortar store and therefore can offer goods at a cheaper price. Online stores usually have promotional methods as well which is not possible in bricks and mortar stores. One example is who often give consumers a BooHoo coupon to get a discount off their purchase.

Finally, online shopping means you can usually get a wider range of products since the stores are not restricted by expensive limited shelf space as a retail store is.

Rumour roundup on the iPhone 5S

The Apple iPhone 5 has been around for a while now and with the fast pace that the smartphone market is moving and the pressure from Samsung, Apple need to keep releasing awesome hardware to maintain their market position.

The Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 6 is reportedly in the works and it is expected that the iPhone 5S will be announced soon.

There are a number of rumours surrounding the new Apple iPhone 5S, and here are some of what we’ve been hearing.

Firstly, it is expected that the new iPhone will have more options of colours. Right now you can only select from black or white, however it is expected that this will be expanded to at least 5 or 6 options.

Next is that their will be  a 13 megapixel camera on the back bringing it up to speed with other phones in the market.

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What is DRS

When watching formula one, you may hear a lot of commentators mentioning DRS and wondered what it meant. DRS is the abbreviation for Drag Reduction System which is the ability for a formula one car to adjust the rear wing on the vehicle in a way that reduces aerodynamic drag.

DRS was introduced in the 2011 season and has gone through a number of rule changes since then. The DRS system was introduced as it’s use could be enforced. The system arose because Red Bull Racing made a complaint about the F-ducts system used by Ferrari which was said to increase a cars speed by up to 6kmph.

DRS has it’s restrictions and cannot be used all over the track. There are dedicated DRS zones (usually two) on a track where a driver is able to activate it. The driver is only allowed to activate it if they are within 1 second of the car in front of it.


The Iconic destined for growth

The Iconic has achieved such a growth over the past few years that it’s the admiration of the online shopping community. The company has grown exponentially and now is considered one of the biggest online fashion stores in Australia.

This success has not gone unnoticed with the company announcing that it has secured new funding in the form of a 25 million dollar cash injection from investment firm Summit Partners. Summit Partners is a large US equity investor who targets businesses that they feel have huge growth potential.

The managing director of Summit Partners, Scott Collins, has explained that the company looks for companies that have a long term value and show dynamic growth. Criteria which The Iconic strongly exhibit.

In regards to the funds, The Iconic intend to consolidate and expand further into the Australian market and ensure that they have full penetration.

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Apple returns millions of iPhones to Foxconn

The iPhone 5 has been one of the most popular iPhones released to date and this has meant that millions of the devices have been sold. Interestingly, it has been revealed that Apple has had to return over eight million devices back to Foxconn, the manufacturer, due to it not meeting quality requirements.

According to Chinese Business News, such a huge amount of returns would mean that this would have cost Foxconn up to $250 US dollars.

Some of the issues that have plagued the device since launch include phones that come straight out of the box with scratches on the body, discoloration of the device’s housing and software bugs.

It has been since reported that Foxconn has achieved a quality rate of 80%, not up to the 90% required by Apple.

When quizzed on the issue, Foxconn denies that there is any truth to the story and have advised quality rates are at a normal level.

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Lenovo likely to buy IBM’s server business

With the rapid decline in sales of personal computers and rise in tablet PC’s and smartphone devices, where Lenovo has very little market share, Lenovo is looking for new products to kick start revenue growth and slow down the decline in sales.

One area which the company is rumored to be investigating is the purchase of IBM’s low end x86 commodity server business and according to reports, discussions are very advanced and it is expected that a decision either way should be made in the near future.

Lenovo is slowly making it’s way into the managed services area. Computer hardware is extremely low margin and to achieve profitability, you must sell through high volume. The profit margins on managed services is significantly higher and hence a more attractive proposition.

Lenovo had originally bought IBM’s PC business in 2005 and with this, purchased the popular ThinkPad brand. They have recently started offering servers and purchasing the IBM commodity server business will integrate nicely with this strategy.

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A brief analysis on The Men’s Shop

Online shopping is starting to really take off in Australia after lagging behind the rest of the developed world in popularity. In the past it seemed like many people resisted purchasing online due to the high costs of delivery and the problem with trying to purchase fashion online. Online shopping was largely restricted to items where you would know exactly what you were getting and didn’t need to try it on such as computers and electronics.

Nowadays however, online shopping for fashion has become more popular due to the fact that stores are offering customers an excellent shopping experience. One of these stores is The Men’s Shop who have implemented techniques such as free delivery and returns as well as The Mens Shop coupon to get you started on your purchase.

The store is owned by the Gazal Group and is targeting men who they believe aren’t keen on shopping. They are targeting men who would rather shop online in the comfort of their own home.