What To Do If Trees Are Growing Too Close To Powerlines

If you have trees growing too close to your powerlines, it’s important to act sooner than later. If you hesitate, cause fires, power surges, blackouts and devastate your household appliances. Worse, you could also be putting you and your family at risk of physical damage. If you’re worried about a particular tree on your property, here’s everything you need to know about tree maintenance. 

How Dangerous Are Trees and Powerlines?

Trees growing near power lines are extremely dangerous. A tree that has grown too close to a powerline has the potential to start fires, cause power surges and power outages. Not only that but if a tree were to fall as a result of a storm on a powerline it will cause severe ramifications. In addition, children have been killed by climbing trees and accidentally touching power lines. For this reason, it’s essential you adhere to safety measures surrounding planting trees and powerlines or call local authorities if you have any concerns. 

What Do I Do If a Tree Has Grown Too Close to Power Lines?

When it comes to dealing with power lines, don’t be a hero. Call your local tree removalists for a professional opinion on how to best protect you and your family. Frequently, the tree will only need to be cut back. However, if your local arborists detect that the tree will continue to cause problems in the future, you will require a tree removal. 

Where Can I Find Good Tree Removalists Near Me?

If you happen to be living in Lake Macquarie, Branch Management are developing a strong reputation for their friendly and dependable services. If you need tree removal Lake Macquarie, give them a call and they will deploy an arborist to your location to assess the situation. If you’re not in Lake Macquarie, it never hurts to do your own research. Search around for local tree removal companies and compare quotes for the most cost-effective route for you.  

Why Do Trees Grow Close To Powerlines

Oftentimes trees that have become a hazard were planted unknowingly how large they would grow in the future. For this reason, you should aim to plant your trees at least 10 feet away from powerlines to be safe. 

When Does It Become Dangerous?

Growing tree branches should be distanced from power lines by at least 5 feet. If you see a tree that’s grown within 5 feet of a power line, it could very well cause problems further down the line. 

If You’re Not Sure, Call Anyway

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Trees and foliage growing too closely to power lines has the potential to cause power surges, black outs and fires. Devastating bushfires have started as a result of trees growing through power lines. For this very reason, if there’s a tree on your property that’s growing too close to a powerline but you’re not sure how risky it is, it’s always better to call your local services just in case. This way, you can prevent the possibility of a fire starting which could risk you and your neighbours properties and lives. 

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